The Joint Innovation Machine Tools Online Fair

Operating from Taiwan, the fifth-largest machine tool export region worldwide, we are a professional machinery marketing and sales team with over 30 years of experience in the global. Our JIMTOF platform is your direct connection to many leading machine tool manufacturers in Taiwan, who not only offer single machine products but also turnkey solutions to their international customers. We help you get in touch with the decision-makers at these companies and find the best supplier for you.

The Online Exhibition for Advanced Manufacturing Technology

The JIMTOF online fair gathers many leading Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers on one platform. With our advanced AI technology, we can show you all their latest and exclusive machine and technology features that can best meet customers from different industrial areas and backgrounds. Our site covers everything from parts and components to all kinds of machinery and even entire production line turnkey solutions. Users can easily get a full understanding of potential partners, their products, and services before contacting them.

A True Multimedia Experience - Video, Image, Sound, Text, and more

As a long-established media player in the machinery industry, we have the resources to fill the JIMTOF online show with comprehensive information on all products and manufacturers. This includes videos of the machines and entire production lines as well as images and illustrations that introduce and explain functionalities, features, and designs. Furthermore, we provide you specification sheets as well as professional, technical articles that offer an even more in-depth introduction of machines, components, services, and suppliers. Our goal is clear: offer a comprehensive online platform that allows users to visit supplier factories, manufacturing sites, and exhibition booths at their convenience from their office or home.

An Interactive Site with full Two-way Communication

Throughout the JIMTOF site, we have implemented some amazing interactivity features. Text and video content are tagged with specific keywords that make navigation super intuitive and time-efficient. With one click you are directed to related content that meets your interests. All videos come with a full transcript that allows you to scan through and watch even the longest clip at your own pace. Not interested in a certain segment? Just jump to the part that you want to focus on, it’s that easy! Alongside this interactive multimedia content, our SEO team pushes our customers’ product sites to the very front of search engine result pages. Not only do our customers benefit from this exposure boost, but also advertisers and potential buyers around the globe. You can become a JIMTOF online exhibition partner, too! Contact us now!

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