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International Manufacturing Teletrading Sources (IMTS) is your key to unlock the door to the industry from anywhere around the world, at any time.

The Latest Products from the Best Machine Tool Manufacturers

IMTS online reference and video channel are ideal for your business needs in the related manufacturing industry. With our easy-to-navigate advertiser index, finding the right machine has never been easier.

This online guide has distributed at major machine tools exhibitions of the world to visitors and exhibitors.

IMTS History

IMTS started to publish (ISSN1816-3432) since the year 1999. We not only introduce machine tools exhibitions to local Taiwanese machine tools manufacturers but also raise their attendance in the shows.

As we expand globally, we started to bring everyone online into our very own IMTS Exhibition.

Largest Machine Tool Sourcing Website

IMTS is supported by the largest machine tool sourcing website in Taiwan. The website features hundreds of videos and thousands of detailed product catalogs.

We have gathered every major or small metalworking and metal forming exhibition into an online guide. We start with global information and make all machine tool exhibitions smoother and more enjoyable.

Be sure to check out the website when looking for your next machine for better efficient machine sourcing.

Quick Access & Easy to Share

You will find many product videos and website content. This allows you to access very detailed information about a product at anytime, anywhere.

With our built-in share button, feel free to share the content with your friends or co-workers to speed up your machine sourcing process.

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