In the field of electrical discharge machining (EDM), the EDM machinery category of sink molds is usually divided into two inventories. One is a CNC die machine, and the other is a ZNC die machine. Both series have the high quality and high efficiency required for modern industrial processing. Because the EDM process has now become one of the common methods of manufacturing commercial product prototypes and producing parts, especially in the aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries.
Electrical discharge machining is a machining method mainly used for hard metals or metals that are difficult to process with conventional techniques. EDM can cut complex contours or cavities in pre-hardened steel without heat treatment to soften and re-harden. This method can be applied to any other metal or metal alloy, such as titanium.

Small Hole ZNC Drilling

There are many variations on the application of ZNC EDM. Small hole ZNC drilling EDM is the most popular one. The term ZNC comes from the popular term CNC, which is computer numerical control. In general, EDM machines can move on the X and Y axes, find their location, and cut down. In addition, the machine and multi-axis control can use the Z axis and cut into materials on the side. The additional axis can realize additional cutting task, thus ensuring higher accuracy and working convenience.
The electrical discharge machining is abbreviated as EDM, also known as spark machining in Chinese industry, such as spark corrosion, combustion, sinking, welding wire burning or welding wire corrosion. This is a manufacturing process where the desired shape can be obtained by using electrical discharge. There are many different varieties in this EDM category, such as drilling EDM, wire cutting EDM, die sinking, etc. In the drilling EDM category, small hole EDM is used for a variety of applications. On the wire cutting EDM machine, the small hole drilling EDM is used to make a through hole in the workpiece, and the wire for the wire cutting EDM operation passes through the through hole.
A separate EDM head designed for small hole drilling will be installed on the wire cutter. It also allows large hardened plates to corrode finished parts from it as needed. Small hole EDM is used to drill rows of holes in the leading and trailing edges of the turbine blades of jet engines, thereby providing the industry with high-precision machining quality. In addition, the airflow through these small holes will allow the engine to use a higher temperature than other ways. Although there are many types of EDM processing today, here we discuss a type of drilling, which is widely used in the manufacture of precision workpieces.

Wire Cutting

Wire EDM is a manufacturing process that uses sparks to obtain the target shape. In the process of wire EDM, through a series of fast and repeated operations, you can remove unwanted materials on the workpiece. In these components, one electrode is called a tool electrode, and the other electrode is called a workpiece electrode. The machining process is determined by tools and workpieces that will not actually contact.


Micro Machining

Micromachining refers to the process of using tools with a diameter of less than 0.015 inches, and the tolerances also meet certain standards. In order to achieve micromachining, the use of small-diameter tools requires a specific spindle speed, and the accuracy of the machine tool must be very precise. EDM micromachining has been able to achieve tolerances in the micron level.
EDM micro-machining center has advanced spindle temperature control function, unique EDM improvement and sturdy mechanical structure. These machining centers are capable of high-speed machining and have excellent repeatability.
The history of wire-cut EDM machine tools began in the late 1960s, and its purpose was to use hardened steel to make tools and molds. The earliest numerical control (NC) machine tool was a modification of a vertical milling machine with holes and bands. In the late 1960s, the Soviet Union manufactured the first commercial CNC machine tool in Russia, which was a wire-cut electric discharge machine. At the time, aerospace, military and defense, and automotive processing grew at an active rate.



No matter how the metal processing industry develops, safety is always the most important theme. Today, many EDM machine manufacturers have added many smart components and safety mechanisms to EDM machines to provide a better working environment for field operators and higher productivity. Due to the good environment, the operator can have full confidence in the whole working process.

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