Sheet Metal Blanking

In the metal forming sector, sheet metal blanking can be made by hydraulic or pneumatic driven machineries, since the drive selection is made depending on the sheet thickness and other specifications. Nowadays, many of the hydraulic presses are commonly used in the metalworking sectors for many kinds of forming operations, such as clinching, forging, molding, punching, blanking, deep drawing, and other metal forming operations onto a wide variety of metal materials.

With the press machines, the cycle time of the production procedure could be shortened on a large scale, and at the meantime, within an acceptable tolerance value regarding the output. Because compared with metal cutting processing, the procedure of metal forming offers faster shaping process that makes mass production feasible and practical. With a good sheet metal blanking machine, the process of sheet blanking could be made smoother for onsite operators in the production lines for the following forming procedure, rendering productive results in a relatively short period of time, so such devices are considered very crucial for sheet metal processing.

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