Stainless Elbow Forming

Elbow forming is very common in the metal forming industry for tubes and pipes with different diameters and thickness as well as materials. In any industry, tubes are the main transmission channels in the manufacturing plant, such as plastics resin manufacturing, masterbatch granulating, and many other subfields of the plastics and rubber industry. Therefore, stainless elbow forming of the tubes and pipes made of stainless steel are subject to this kind of machinery.

Stainless elbow forming can be carried on by a bending machine. Many suppliers design their elbow forming based on the electric elbow machine, which could work with the pipes not only in the wide range but also in the material. Elbow forming machine is used for crimping elbows from round and rectangular pipes that are used in the process of assembling ventilation, drainage systems, and many other applications. The corrugated elbow could be produced from the pipes with different diameters. Further, with an NC controller, now onsite workers need not be that busy for all the heavy lifting duties like before.

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Stainless Elbow Forming


Stainless Elbow Forming

Stainless Elbow Forming Machine / IPB Series

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