Chamfering Machines

A chamfering machine is a machinery that can undergo the cutting of a transitional edge between two faces on an object. Sometimes chamfering is defined as a form of bevel, and it is often processed at a 45° degree angle between two adjoining right, that is, the angled faces. Chamfers are frequently used in metal machining, carpentry, furniture manufacturing, concrete formwork, printed circuit boards, and to facilitate assembly of many mechanical engineering designs, rendering well-designed structure as well as shapes. In the industrial sectors such as furniture and metalworking, chamfers are used in furniture such as counters and tabletops to ease their edges.

On the other hand, when the edges are rounded instead, they are called bull-nosed. Special tools such as chamfer mills and chamfer planes are sometimes used for this process and in metalworking, chamfering machines are applied to make chamfers on pipes, plates, and other materials for the same purpose, which makes the work piece different from beveled objects.

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