Copy Milling Machines

A copy milling machine is a milling machine that is designed for machining profiles on articles made of various materials by the methods of a milling tool, which replicates on the article the surface or profile of a master device. For example, in the metal working industry, a master cam in the aspect of a flat template, a 3D model, or a profile drawing is thus copied and milled. During the copy operation, the master device is mechanically inter-connected to a servo mechanism, which guides the edge mills.

As a result, the servo mechanism acts as an amplifier on the one hand. Furthermore, the servo mechanism is also an actuating appliance. Normally, hydraulic relays are used in the amplifying devices of such machines and since the effects are good so the applications are wide in the market. Speaking of the copy milling development in history, in the 1920s the new tracer was applied to Keller tracer milling machines under the application of the die-sinking through the 3D copying of a template. These applications made die sinking operation faster and easier just as dies were in higher demand than ever before, and were very helpful for large steel dies.

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